26 May 3:14 pm

Qatar Cabinet issues gradual lifting of restrictions


- Professional sports and training, whether in closed or open spaces are allowed. 

- Permitting preparatory training for local and international tournaments approved by the Ministry of Public Health. 

- Amateurs to train with a maximum of 10 people in open spaces who are fully vaccinated and 5 people in enclosed spaces.


- Small groups of up to 5 people or members of the same family can visit open beaches with a capacity of up to 30%. 

- Individual sports such as walking, running and cycling are allowed.  

- Playgrounds and sports equipment to remain closed in these areas. 


Swimming pools and water parks to open according to the following:

- Capacity not exceeding 30% for all outdoor swimming pools and water parks. 

- Capacity that does not exceed 20% for all swimming pools and indoor water parks, and only allow entry for clients who have completed doses of the vaccine Covid-19.


- Opening of health clubs, physical training clubs, services like massage, saunas, steam and jacuzzi. 

- Moroccan and Turkish baths with capacity not exceeding 30%, provided that all workers in these facilities and clients are vaccinated.

16 Jun 5:04 pm

Qatar announces second phase of easing Covid 19 restrictions

As part of the second phase, Qatar cabinet announced that professional training will now be permitted both indoors and outdoors; however, amateur training will be limited to 20 vaccinated people outdoors and 10 vaccinated persons indoors. Local and international athletic events will continue to have a 30 percent outdoor capacity if 75 percent of the public is vaccinated, and a 20 percent indoor capacity if everyone is vaccinated. The operation also required ministry approval. Swimming pools and water parks will be open 40% of the time and closed 20% of the time, with only fully vaccinated people permitted

07 Jul 4:49 pm

From Friday, Phase 3 of the easing of Covid-19 restrictions in Qatar will begin.

Phase 3 of the progressive easing of Covid-19 limitations will begin on Friday, July 9, 2021, according to the Qatar Cabinet.

Professional sports training is permitted both indoors and outdoors, while amateur sports training is permitted to include up to 30 vaccinated individuals outdoors and 15 vaccinated individuals indoors. No fans are permitted. Continue to allow the organization of local and international athletic events after receiving Ministry of Public Health clearance and allowing no more than 50% of the capacity to be in open spaces. The capacity of private educational and training centers would be increased by 50%. Vaccination is required for trainers, as well as vaccination for 75% of clients.

MOPH-approved local and international events allow for training. Fans are allowed to be 50 percent full outside and 30 percent full indoors, with at least 75 percent of them being vaccinated.

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