26 May 3:14 pm

Qatar Cabinet issues gradual lifting of restrictions


- Professional sports and training, whether in closed or open spaces are allowed. 

- Permitting preparatory training for local and international tournaments approved by the Ministry of Public Health. 

- Amateurs to train with a maximum of 10 people in open spaces who are fully vaccinated and 5 people in enclosed spaces.


- Small groups of up to 5 people or members of the same family can visit open beaches with a capacity of up to 30%. 

- Individual sports such as walking, running and cycling are allowed.  

- Playgrounds and sports equipment to remain closed in these areas. 


Swimming pools and water parks to open according to the following:

- Capacity not exceeding 30% for all outdoor swimming pools and water parks. 

- Capacity that does not exceed 20% for all swimming pools and indoor water parks, and only allow entry for clients who have completed doses of the vaccine Covid-19.


- Opening of health clubs, physical training clubs, services like massage, saunas, steam and jacuzzi. 

- Moroccan and Turkish baths with capacity not exceeding 30%, provided that all workers in these facilities and clients are vaccinated.

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